Born in North New Jersey, I followed a fairly straight path toward a degree in Electrical Engineering.  Then came Boston in the late 60’s. Music and Hippies everywhere.  Tried changing my major to Philosophy, but found more of that in the parks.  So out into the world with a guitar and knapsack. A year or so on the road writing songs and livin hard.  First public performance in the Florida Keys.  Eventually settled in Denver and began performing as a singer/songwriter, but anyone not plugged in, i.e. acoustic, was by default a Folksinger, so there I was. Two uneventful recording contracts, then moved to Oregon. 

   Cut hair short, bought an electric guit, and bye bye folky days.  Was supposed to join a band in Seattle managed by Stuart Copeland (The Police), but the band dropped acid and disappeared.  Followed the volcanic ash back to Denver and two bands, “The Relatives” and “Separate Lives” ensued.

   An apartment full of electronics led to a couple solo albums, Alicia I and II. Then a stint with Andy Monley (The Pin & Andy Show), starring a four-track cassette recorder.  Since then it’s been mostly writing and recording, usually alone and usually acoustic guitar and/or piano.  Produced Silent Autumn, Oblivion I and II, and a newly released album called “Someday”.

   Oh, mustn't forget the delightful and inspirational romps with the Super Secret Messengers, an ongoing experience, and the countless collaborations and explorations with so many talented Denver artists.

   Intend to write and sing until it all fades away, gracefully I hope.  And oh yeah, watching my son developing his many talents.

First Public Performance

From Folky to Punker and beyond...........

80's Rocker

but always in the Spirit of words and sound.

     - Pin Rose  

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